Welcome to Pixel Hiker

Welcome to Pixel Hiker!

Hello, my name is Andrew Schur, I’m a middle aged guy with a passion for anything outdoors and being at one with nature. I like to mountain bike, hike, cycle, fish, walk my dog and take pictures of everything along the way. This website, Pixel Hiker is an attempt to combine these outdoor activities with photography.

The concept for this website came about when I was researching “Hiking with Photography Gear”. to learn of any advances in camera gear suited for hiking. I quickly realized that everyone’s idea of this concept varies wildly. The approach that Pixel Hiker will take is that of people who work day jobs and are neither professional photographer or outdoor sportsperson. Websites for the elite in their respective fields have their place and are great for learning but often those sites are run by folks who have gear supplied by and/or sponsored by manufacturers. I like to say all my websites are for mortals. I buy my own gear, my photo’s aren’t heavily edited by photoshop.

I am not entering this endeavor alone. My niece Erin is my motivator, my best friend, my world she will be providing additional boots on the ground from the Green Mountains of Vermont. A campfire discussion with Erin lead to the birth of Pixel Hiker.

Between the two of us, with the help of our respective dogs Willow and Mr Sullivan we hope to bring visitors fun and unique content that can be enjoyed by folks just like us. If you have something to say, something to ask or want to be part of this drop us a line.

Erin & Drew



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