Welcome to Pixel Hiker!

For starters what’s with name “Pixel Hiker”? To begin with in 2018 it’s very difficult to come up with a great .com that isn’t already taken. So we took into account what the primary subjects of this blog are, photography and hiking. Pictures can be measured in “Pixels” so add that to the hiking part of the equation and Pixel Hiker was born. We actually like the name and it passed the test of friends and coworkers.

At launch this website/blog is the child of myself Andrew S and my best friend, accomplice and niece Erin K. I’m based in Connecticut and Erin is in the Green Mountains of Vermont. We both share a love of outdoors, for me I’m about hiking, mountain biking, cycling, fishing, walking and of course photography. Erin is all about hiking, ice fishing, hunting, physical fitness and her dog German Shepherd Dog Willow. Within these pages we will chronicle our outdoor exploits. Unfortunately due to living 300 miles apart a lot of our content will be from individual activities with the goal of getting together a few times per year for big hikes. We will at times collaborate on reviews and blog posts. We also openly welcome visitors who share our passion to contribute their own content. If your interested just let us know through the contact page.

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