In an era of untrustworthy websites where weak content is created for the simple purposes of generating Google traffic for the purposes of clicking links to online stores (clickbait), it becomes at times difficult to separate legitimate, useful websites from low-quality sites. Often these low-level sites win the traffic war by gaming Google.

I’m not opposed to people making money off their websites. Websites require a lot of time, effort, and money, and running advertisements is an absolute necessity. My personal expenses are over $20,000 per year for my websites and servers. This doesn’t even include the hundreds of hours it takes to maintain the sites and generate good content. Reviews are expensive.

To that end, I will use this page to highlight websites and blogs I believe to be worthy of your time and clicks. If you feel your website should be included on this page, send us a message, and if we feel it’s a good fit, we will include it. Reciprocal links are welcome and appreciated.

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The Best Trusted Hiking & Backpacking Blogs

Section Hiker – Philip Werner is a full-time outdoor author and backpacker who resides in New England. His website is ranked as the #1 Hiking and Backpacking on the internet by in 2018. 

Hiking Guy – I can’t sum up the Hiking website any better than he does himself.

My goal for this website is to make hiking simple, easy, and safe. Too many people look at the outdoors as a danger zone of killer bears, hypothermia, and blisters.

My hike directions make your time on the trail simple and straightforward by giving you images of every turn. This let’s you mentally visualize what the hike will be like, and remove any uncertainty that may cause fear.

I also review the essential hiking gear that will keep you safe and happy on the trail.  Along with gear reviews are tips and techniques on how to hike. Knowledge is power amigos.

My hope is that as more that people enjoy the outdoors, the more they’ll share that joy, and the more happy people they’ll be in the world. And from that will come respect, care, and stewardship of the earth.

The Best Hiking Photography and Photographer Websites

Dan Carr Photography – Born in the UK, Dan took a year out in Whistler, British Columbia, after high-school, which planted the seed for a mountain obsession. While his passion for mountain life took a backseat as he finished a degree in Aerospace Engineering in England, it wasn’t long before returning to the mountains to start his photography business.  Dan’s work has since been featured in over 100 publications worldwide, and his commercial clients include major brands such as Apple, Nike, Oakley, and Red Bull.  Dan also has a passion for photography education, and through his company, Shutter Muse has provided content for photography publications worldwide and industry leaders like Canon.

Krystian “SNAP” Repolona – Krystian Repolona, founder of Hikes.Camera. Adventure earned his trail name “Snap” from always snapping photos during his thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2016. Since completing his journey on the Appalachian Trail, he has since gone on to adventure various hiking trails around the country. Along the way, he has documented countless stories and portraits of hikers he has met. He is a brand ambassador for Hyperlite Mountain Gear. He is a P3 Hiker for the Pacific Crest Trail Association. He is passionate about the outdoors and the stories people have to tell.

Chris Ramsey Jr – If you visit the blog portion of his site, you will see he is more than a wedding photographer. He also has a great post over at fstoppers about how hiking has changed his photography.

 My name is Chris Ramsey Jr. and I’m a wedding photographer based out of Boulder, CO. After serving six years in the United States Air Force, I made the decision to move out west to Boulder, Colorado to follow my passions. I enrolled in the University of Colorado Boulder to pursue a degree in Technology Arts and Media, while continuing to further my professional career in the visual arts. I originally worked as an outdoor lifestyle photographer but decided to specialize as a wedding photographer for the unique look into people’s lives and the emotion that makes a wedding so special. Weddings are great because I get to share the enjoyment of a couple’s special day and bring them memories they will cherish forever.

Ryan Musiello – An avid traveler and adventurer, Ryan has been taking photos from around the world for over 20 years. You’ll often find him with his camera around his neck in some far-flung location on the lookout for quality light. Ryan loves to capture images with a strong graphical and linear element.

Karen Wang – Karen Wang’s website is an ideal matchup of hiking and photography. I would be content if Pixel Hiker could be 1/100 as cool as her site.

I am from Texas, now living in Seattle, WA.  Most people call me Wang, and I find it very endearing.  I am completely obsessed with the mountains and the outdoors.  I enjoy solo traveling but also the company of some really amazing people.  Currently, I am training for long distance thru-hiking and meeting other like-minded folks who love the trails as much as I do.  I love hanging out with toddlers/kindergartners because they make life more interesting and fun.  Having a healthy and active lifestyle is important to me, and I am always trying to find new ways ways to prepare whole foods and bring them out into the backcountry with me.  I love punk rock and sometimes I really wish I could go back and live my high school days again.  I am a passionate person who loves setting long term goals and believes anyone can make their dreams become a reality if they pursue those things wholeheartedly.

Richard Bernabe – Richard Bernabe is an internationally acclaimed photographer, book author, educator, and keynote speaker from the United States. He’s traveled to more than 50 countries while photographing for clients such as National Geographic, CNN, Time, The New York Times, Audubon, The BBC, and many other top publications and media organizations and leading photography tours and workshops.

Richard is a global influencer in the fields of photography, travel, and wildlife conservation, with more than 1 million followers on social media platforms. The current focus of his work involves Earth’s endangered species and African wildlife conservation. He’s spoken to groups around the world on the importance of wildlife conservation and preserving the Earth’s vanishing species.

In addition to traveling to remote places on assignment for some of the biggest media companies in the world, he leads photography classes and workshops for photo hobbyists and fellow travelers, sharing his passion for wild and exotic places and capturing their essence with the camera.

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